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Meeting Point 'Young People - Invited Lecturers'

Meeting point for young people and guest lecturers

Thursday May 24, 2012, from 4:30 to 7:00 pm

For the first time, the Young Statisticians of the French Statistiscal Society, the Program Committee and the Local Organizing Committee of its next annual meeting in Bruxelles (May 21-25, 2012) organize a special event for young statisticians. The event planned late afternoon on Thursday 24th of May on a 3 hours slot in a place next to the conference place, aims at connecting young statisticians and invited speakers.

Young statisticians are expected to take advantage of the variety of profiles represented by the invited speakers. Thus, subjects covering large areas of careers in statistics should be addressed through the personal experiences of the invited speakers, like international carriers, collaborative research, trends in statistics, comparison between public and private research, doing or not a postdoc.

To prepare these interactions, a brief summary of the research topics of the invited speakers will be handed over to young statisticians and a list of the participating young statisticians with associated topics key words will be provided to the invited speakers.

The selection criterion for a statistician to take part to this event is to have a professional experience of less than 4 years.

The registration for this event takes place at the conference registration to the JdS’2012.

Coordination : Séverine Demeyer, Nicolas Bousquet

Contacts : severine.demeyer@cea.fr, nicolas.bousquet@edf.fr