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Résumé 289 :

Measuring beyond GDP in the European Statistical System (ESS)
De Smedt, Marleen
Eurostat - European Commission

Work to complement GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has been going on for almost two decades, at both national and international level in the context of sustainable development. In recent years the European Commission stepped up its efforts in this field. In August 2009, the European Commission published a communication with the title “GDP and beyond ??" Measuring progress in a changing world” (COM(2009)433 final). This communication aims at improving indicators for better reflecting policy and societal concerns. It identifies five key actions: • Action 1: Complement GDP with environmental and social indicators (a comprehensive environmental index, quality of life and well-being). • Action 2: Provide near real-time information for decision-making (more timely environmental and social indicators). • Action 3: Report more accurately on distribution and inequalities. • Action 4: Develop a European sustainable development scoreboard. • Action 5: Extend national accounts to environmental and social issues. To answer these challenges, the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) launched a Sponsorship Group on "measuring progress, well-being and sustainable development". The work of this group focused on making better use of and improving existing statistics with a view to providing the most appropriate indicators. It prepared a report which was adopted by the ESSC in November 2011. The Sponsorship Group recommendations have been included in the Commission's Statistical Work programme, which is gradually being implemented. Actions range from strengthening the household perspective and distributional aspects of income, distribution and wealth, to the multi-dimensional measurement of quality of life and developing environmental accounts.