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Selected themes

The program committee has decided to focus mainly on the following themes:

  • Risks, dependent data and econometrics
  • Statistics for life sciences
  • Complex and high-dimensional data

More broadly, the conference will deal with all themes related to Statistics:

  • Insurance and finance
  • Learning process and clustering
  • Hierarchical models and Bayesian statistics
  • Statistical models for random graphs
  • Wavelets, reverse problems
  • Stochastic process, dependent data
  • Robust statistics
  • Time series
  • Statistics for medicine and biopharmacy
  • Statistics for social sciences
  • Official / public statistics
  • Statistics of post-genomic data
  • Non parametric statistics
  • Spatial statistics
  • Extreme values
  • ...

The opportunity will be given to deal with these themes in both their theoretical and applied aspects.

Moreover, sessions will be organized by the SFdS groups:

  • Agro-Industry
  • Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • Biopharmacy and health
  • Chemometrics
  • Data Mining and learning
  • Surveys, Models and Applications
  • Teaching statistics
  • Environment and statistics
  • Reliability and uncertainties
  • History of statistics, probability and its uses
  • Relations with the ISI
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Statistics and Images
  • Statistics and Society